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Digital Transformation(DX) of Remote Work!

Quarantine-type multi-factor
authentication “JinCreek’'

of Remote Work!

Delivering Both Security
and Efficiency

The dramatic rise in remote work following the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the adoption of a broad range of network environments using various communication formats, including VPNs, and SIM closed networks.

However, simply applying an ad hoc IT solution to allow for remote work requires further verification into whether the solution employed achieves DX and ensures proper security.

Our “JinCreek” quarantine-type multi-factor authentication solution provides the highest grade of security for your remote work environment, and promotes a full-fledged DX.

JinCreek for SIM Closed Networkoffers the strongest security solution, providing the same level of security as the office!

No IDs/PWs required!
Identification by multi-factor authentication
Streamlined three-factor authentication with SIM, device, and user authentication
Hacking prevention!
No connection to the in-company LAN permitted until all forms of authentication are passed
No major network changed
required when installing
Support for all network environments, and the latest in biometric authentication

Patent pending ! Strengthen the security of your VPN device with JinCreek for VPN+ !

Improved accuracy of user authentication
Quarantine-type multi-factor identity verification for better safety and security
One-time passwords to
prevent unauthorized access!
Utilizes a dual VPN and one-time password solution to prevent hacking
Safe operation even in the absence
of the information systems division
Simple operation, with the ability to use existing VPN devices

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